Sacramento's Alpha Property Management

Make the most out of every Sacramento rental property with Alpha Property Management. Here at Alpha, we lead the pack when it comes to surpassing every tenant’s and owner’s expectations with loyalty, keen instincts built from experience, and the highest quality of customer service.

Your Property Rented In 10 Days Or Less

Relax & pay ZERO in advertising fees while we market your property to get quality tenants within 10 days.

Transparent Flat Rate Pricing

Our pricing is simple. Only $99 per month to your single home rental. Duplex’s $125.00 | Fourplexes for $225.00. Above a fourplex call us for pricing.

Only Qualified & High-Quality Tenants

We use rock-solid rental requirements and charge $51 per applicant to ensure the highest quality tenants move into your rentals hassle-free. Our thorough screening process ensures that we place qualified tenants that pay on time and take care of your property. Guaranteed for 12 months.

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Rental Requirements

Why You Should Hire Alpha Property Management

Not all property managers are created equally. We understand that you want to feel confident in your Sacramento Property Manager before, during, and after the moment you hire them. However, there are a vast number of benefits to working with a comprehensive property management company like Alpha.

Here are just some of the big reasons why you should hire Alpha Property Management to optimize your Sacramento property’s performance:

  • Your quality of tenants will improve
  • Your tenant loyalty will increase
  • Your profit margins will be optimized
  • Your workload for the property will nearly vanish
  • Your rents will be paid-in-full and on-time
  • You can stop worrying about marketing, vendors, repairs, and accounting & let us do it all for you
Alpha Property Management charges every applicant $51 to cover the costs of processing your background and credit check. This fee is non-refundable unless your application is never processed for some reason. Please review all of our rental application requirements BEFORE applying for a property because you cannot get a refund if you are denied or change your mind.
Serving Sacramento Landlords & Tenants Near and Far

Serving Sacramento Landlords & Tenants Near and Far

At Alpha Property Management, we are proud to serve you throughout the greater Sacramento area and beyond from Citrus Heights to Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, and everywhere in between. Whether you have a single rental property, a massive Sacramento rental portfolio, or you’re looking for your next home, we’ve got you covered. Alpha Property Management is also the preferred property management choice for absentee or long distance rental property owners in need of help optimizing their property’s performance.


We understand that when it comes to renting in Sacramento or managing your Sacramento rentals, you only want to work with a property management company that advocates for you every step of the way. Not only will we work diligently to manage your Sacramento rentals, but we will look at your portfolio, business, and entire financial picture to provide a holistic approach to protecting your future. 

When you hire a property manager to take care of your Sacramento rentals, do you want to pay them a portion of your profits just to have them stick a tenant in there and call you with regular complaints and maintenance requests? Of course, not!

When you hire a Sacramento property manager, you want someone that will:

  • Keep your rentals full with loyal, high-quality tenants
  • Eliminate the typical headaches that come with maintenance issues
  • Help you make strategic improvements to increase your equity and rental rates
  • Handle your tenants with care to instill loyalty and decrease operating costs
  • Approach your rental portfolio holistically to protect you from economic swings and plan for your future

How Can We Help You?

Through decades of experience, we’ve proven that both owners and renters must be treated with respect, loyalty, and dedication produces the best results. While some property management companies only advocate for the owners or tenants, at Alpha Property Management, we treat everyone the way we would hope to be treated. Therefore, our services have been designed to be as valuable as possible for both owners and renters.


  • Initial Inspections of Sacramento rentals
  • Photography of rental units
  • Strategic renovation suggestions
  • Tenant screening and background checks
  • Collection and processing of deposits
  • Lease preparation & approval
  • Condition assessments and walkthroughs
  • Key management


  • Delivery of keys
  • Property inspection
  • Verify the working condition of the rental
  • Transfer utilities

Move Out

  • Collection of keys & lock changes
  • Inspection of property
  • Notice to impose a claim on the security deposit
  • Prepare property for marketing


  • Rent and late fee collection
  • Maintenance requests and orders
  • Process paperwork to save you time
  • Monthly owner’s statements and reporting
  • Vendor payments
  • Annual accounting
  • Supervision of the eviction process