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Have a general question about Alpha Property Management? Use the form below to reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also use the directory by scrolling down this page. Below this submission form, you will find specific contact information for our various departments, as well as, information about which department is best suited to assist you. Please read carefully. We look forward to hearing from you!

Leasing –


Are you a potential tenant with questions about an available rental or want to schedule a showing? Please email our leasing department for help. Our leasing department can also assist you with questions or concerns regarding background checks, leasing requirements, move-out inspections, notice that you are terminating a lease, or anything else that has to do to do moving in or out of an Alpha Property Management rental.

Maintenance Supervisor – Dorene Arena

916-596-1665 option 5 

If you are in need of a repair or have an emergency, please review our maintenance request policies and procedures. Please note that emailing the maintenance department will NOT begin or expedite the repair process! Please put in a work order online. For all other questions or concerns regarding repairs for a property managed by Alpha, please email our maintenance department and include the address of the property you are emailing about.

Need a repair? Not to worry!

Our maintenance request and resolution system has been completely streamlined to deliver you the best possible customer service and get your request completed to your satisfaction in the least possible time. Please follow the steps below in order to receive the fastest and highest quality of service. If you need a repair but are unable to submit a request online through our system, please call our Maintenance Supervisor Dorene Arena at (916)706-1519.

Step One

Submit a maintenance request online.
Calling will NOT expedite your call but will actually delay results because maintenance requests are filed electronically before automatically notifying the correct parties.

Step Two

Your request is immediately and automatically sent to our maintenance department and documented on your file.

Step Three

Your maintenance request is reviewed by your landlord. Remember, Alpha Property Management does not own your rental unit and we are legally required to obtain approval from the property owner before completing your request.

Step Four

The appropriate and fastest available professional contractor will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule your maintenance appointment. Note: Holidays and weekends may result in a delay. If you do not hear back within 72 hours, restart the online request process but DO NOT call as this will only slow down the process.


Although inconvenient, maintenance requests that don’t pose an immediate threat to your safety or the safety and structure of the rental DO NOT qualify as an emergency. For example, if you have a leak or your air conditioning is not working, you are required to submit a maintenance request through the online portal because these are NOT emergencies. Qualifying emergencies include major floods, fire, having no hot water, or a garage door that won’t open leaving your car trapped inside the garage.

In general, an emergency as it pertains to your rental is anything that places you and/or your rental in immediate danger or seriously impedes your rights. Below are some examples of issues that qualify as an emergency and others that are standard maintenance.

Examples Of True Emergencies

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • No hot water or no water at all
  • No electricity or serious potential for an electrical fire

Examples Of Routine Maintenance Requests

  • Heating or air conditioning not working
  • Small leak like a dripping faucet
  • Sprinkler system stops working
  • Clogged toilet

For all other questions or concerns regarding repairs for a property managed by Alpha, please email our maintenance department and include the address of the property you are emailing about. 

*If you believe you or your apartment is in immediate danger or stands severe potential of damage as described above, please get yourself to safety and Call 916-889-0171.

Owners: To check the current status of an on-going maintenance request for one of your properties please call Dorene at 916-596-1665 option 5.

Accounting – Raleigh

916-596-1665 option 1

Have questions or concerns regarding a bill, your financial reporting, or taxes? Please contact our accounting department.