Maintenance Requests

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The Maintenance Process Explained

Expect 3-5 days to get a response, but understand before you hear back from our office, we are already working on your request, and you should immediately be on the lookout for calls from a vendor to schedule your repairs. Please understand the volume of calls, seasonal changes, and volume of emergencies that Alpha and/or the vendors are experiencing will impact how long it takes to get a response. Just because you don’t hear back from us right away doesn’t mean we are not working with your landlord, the home warranty company and vendors behind the scenes to accommodate your request.

Call In Your Repair Request

For minor and routine maintenance, please call us 916-596-1665( extension 5). Give us all of the following details about the repair to expedite service, including:

  • Your name, full address, email address, and the best number for the repair vendors to call you during the day (you are responsible for scheduling repairs with vendors).
  • What needs to be repaired and how severe the damage is (half of good neighbor fence between our yard and [neighbors address] is completely down as a result of last night’s storm).
  • When the damage occurred and how it occurred

Examples Of Routine Maintenance Requests

  • Air conditioning not working
  • Pest control
  • Outlets not working
  • Fence down or partially damaged
  • Garbage disposal not working
  • Small leak like a dripping faucet
  • Sprinkler system stops working
  • Dishwasher, oven, stove burners or other appliances not working
  • Clogged toilet
  • Locked Out of unit –  you must call a locksmith to regain access

For Emergencies Call Us


What Qualifies As True Emergencies

  • Fire – call 911
  • Flooding of your unit
  • No hot water or no running water at all
  • No electricity or no power
  • Vehicle trapped by a garage door that won’t open 
  • No heat