Fall Maintenance Tips That Save Sacramento Landlords A Fortune

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It is hard to believe, but it is already that time of year when you should be working through that fall maintenance checklist on your Sacramento rental properties. I know it can be a pain and perhaps you are so new to the landlord game you didn’t even know fall maintenance was a thing. Not to worry, because today I am going to break down the most important items on the list to ensure you have all of your Sacramento rental units more than ready for Winter. Make sure you Pin and bookmark this one so you can come back to it year after year!

sacramento property manager

Roof & Gutters

Starting from the top, you need to get that roof and the gutters in tip-top shape. You see, November is the beginning of the rainy season and if you don’t get your ducks in a row now, you may be dealing with a slew of ugly calls about leaks and repairs later. Repair and replace any shingles that are missing or damaged. Clean out all of the gutters and downspouts and check to ensure that the water is running off at least three to four feet away from the foundation. Remember, poor drainage is not your friend!

Windows & Doors

Next, you need to tend to the doors and windows to make sure their seals are still intact. If you pay for any portion of the utilities as part of the rent this will save you money directly. If the tenant pays the utilities, this will save them and in turn make the rent and apartment more affordable and therefore desirable. You will also want to check the weather stripping while you are at it and ask that the tenants keep the windows clean to help with energy efficiency. 


Your furnace (if you have one) is the next item requiring your attention before the Holidays. First, you will want to change the filter if you haven’t already done so recently. However, changing the filter should be a regular occurrence so make sure to leave a reminder for yourself. Since it hasn’t been run during the Summer, you should also have a professional come out and give it a tune up before it is expected to jump into the full swing of operations. You may also want to consider installing a programmable thermostat to help control the heating and cooling costs, as well as, carbon footprint. 


Finally, give your landscaping a once over. Ensure your trees are healthy and give them a good trim to prevent unnecessary storm damage. Throw some mulch to your plants and tidy up those flower beds. This is also a good time to plant the winter lawn if you were planning to do so. You don’t want to wait until it is too chilly!

What Does Your Fall Maintenance Checklist Look Like?

Is your list a mile long or barely an inch? I love hearing all of the different maintenance items that Sacramento landlords and investors tackle each Autumn. Please share some of your most important tasks below and let me know if you could use help maintaining your Sacramento rental property.